A snapshot of three exciting resources in the works!

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G.C. 1.0

Character & Life Skills Curriculum for Ages 12-18

For Christian schools and families, this comprehensive, ready-to-use, interactive program is based on the first great commandment.

Written in an engaging style, the first of a two-part series, G.C. 1.0 inspires teens to move beyond knowing God to loving him. 

Highlights include: 

* Biblical literacy

* Emotional & social intelligence

* Stories & activities to make principles memorable and "sticky"  

 * Self-leadership skills

* Dynamic habits development to serve during adolescence and throughout adulthood 

First Great Commandment Bible Study for Individuals & Groups

This 10 module study details how the first great commandment covers all of life.

* Theologically rich & sound

* Real-life relevant

* Engaging style, empowering approach

* One year of material moves participant from acquiring knowledge to applying it, establishing new habits of thinking and behaving.

* Module format allows for flexible scheduling

* Invigorates Bible study, whether new or seasoned disciples


Alligators & the Adolescent Brain Online Course for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, and Adolescents 

This video program details the messy, majestic remodel the adolescent brain undergoes. 

* Research-based

* Easy to understand using home remodeling as an analogy

* Insightful information inspires adolescents for self-awareness and self-leadership

* Empowers understanding the connection between this process and environmental, relational, and social factors

* Instills parents, caregivers, teachers, and youth mentors with empathy, confidence, and effective communication