I'm here to help you (and the next generation) succeed at the 3 keys to a life of for-now excellence and for-ever significance:

Learn yourself,

Love God, 

Live connected.

Do I have all the answers? If only! But I love sharing through writing and speaking what I've learned to help you -- and today's children and youth.

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Growing up on a small Kansas farm

with chickens, a milk cow, the occasional pony or small herd of pigs, a strong work ethic and shelves of books, I came to faith in Jesus as a child, primarily due to my parents’ example. When I was older, summers were spent walking soybean fields and eradicating weeds with a machete, a guaranteed way to get and stay fit. (One fitness program I've never seen advertised!)

Today, I'm a mom, wife, and Nana,

and these peeps hold my heart like no other! If you shared a meal with us, you'd find we're opinionated, adventurous, empathetic, funny, and diverse. There's never a dull moment! While certain ones (you know who you are) pepper conversations with movie lines and Disney songs, we also converse deeply from the heart. We play games, share (steal?) books, debate, cheer accomplishments, grieve losses, develop patience dealing with each other's quirks, and learn grace because we know and experience each other's weaknesses. We navigate how to support individual homes while building an extended family network. Most of all, we endeavor to live our faith with sincerity and joy.

My passion for learning and teaching has been lifelong.

For two decades grocery lists and lesson plans dominated my focus while raising, feeding, home educating, and feeding (again!?) five sons. In addition to these years as a home educator, I've been honored to:

* Serve as a founding board member and instructor of a 6th-12th grade Christian school.

* Lead the establishment of a K-12 homeschool cooperative, operating continuously for over 15 years.

* Mentor scores of teens by directing several theater productions, including an original script.

In addition, I love traveling (checked off all 50 U.S. states), home design, architecture, and photography -- especially wildlife!