Life's Key 3

Empowering women & families to be spiritually strong, emotionally healthy, and relationally smart. 
Tuesday episodes target personal growth.    Thursday episodes help parents and others raising and mentoring kids.

Key 3 Educators

Leadership & teaching excellence for school leaders & home educators 

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What are the Key 3?

Nobody drifts to a life of earthly excellence & sacred significance. 

Wise people navigate with intention.

Spiritually Strong

Knowing and loving are not the same. Knowledge about God can obscure the need to love Him.
This key unlocks reconciliation, intimacy, and friendship with God, leading to eternal purpose.

Emotionally Healthy

Too many opportunities are lost and relationships suffer due to poor emotional skills. 
This key unlocks humility, courage, and insights to become your true & best self!

Relationally Smart 

Independence isn't the zenith of maturity; it's interdependence.
This key unlocks relational wisdom and discernment including appropriate expectations, effective communication, and behavioral patterns.