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Audiences include:
* Parents & families
* Women's groups
* Home educator conferences
* Christian schools -- teens, staff, and administrators
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“Stephanie speaks about life – the good, the true, and the beautiful – and the challenging, difficult parts. You will be encouraged to reach and embrace the life God has for you. All given with humor – and love.” -- Lynn L.

“Can I just say today was awesome and you did a fabulous job! I had lunch with [student] and she could not stop talking about how wonderful your message and presentation were. Thought provoking and powerful. She was soooo impressed by how you had it memorized and it showed her that you were prepared.” -- Kirsten C.


And God Said to Women: Fear Not!  

(Women's Groups)

Being a Christian woman today means sorting through messages about place, purpose, and identity from one extreme to the other. The result? Fear. "Am I being humble or hiding? Living empowered or entitled? Acting responsibly or arrogantly?" With fresh insights into familiar Bible stories, women will see God has not called them to a life of fear but of empowerment through his Spirit. 


Because I Read So: Bold Parenting from Biblical Principles

(Parents; Home Educators; Mom's Groups)

Also available in a 3-5 session format for more in-depth teaching.

"There has to be more in the Bible about child rearing than Proverbs 22:6!" This despair led to searching Scripture for how God the Father "parents" us. In a culture of chaos, confusion and contradiction (even within the Church), parents will be emboldened by God-modeled practices. Not a perfect-kid formula or list of legalistic rules but powerful principles for devoted (desperate?) moms and dads.

Essential Lenses for Eternity-Focused Parenting

(Parents; Home Educators; Mom's Groups.)

Also available in a 3-session format for more in-depth teaching.

Our society clamors "Look here! This is important!" "Focus on this or your children will fail!" Using  photography as an analogy, I share three valuable "lenses" savvy Christian parents can use to capture a clear eternal purpose, develop a lifestyle of integrity, and lighten life's struggles with empathy. 


Mind-Control: The #1 Course Critical for Your Kids' Success

(Home Educators; Parents)

Also available in a 3-session format for more in-depth teaching.

Knowledge and abilities can earn impressive GPA's and PhD's, but these are insufficient for sustained, comprehensive, genuine success. What we think directs our entire life -- whether our thoughts are trained or carried along as our appetites (emotions & desires) and will (determination) runs wild. This presentation establishes why training the mind is the #1 skill for  a life of earthly excellence and eternal significance. 

Nobody Drifts Into Significance: Charting a Course to Achieve Your Immeasurable, Eternal, & Irreplaceable Impact

(Women's Groups, Parents, Adolescents. Adapted for each audience. )

Also available in a 3-session format for more in-depth teaching.

Everybody voyages somewhere. The difference is whether it's by default or decision. A life or family of purpose isn't achieved with good intentions but great intentionality. Why a commitment to Learn yourself, Love God, and Live connected can sustain a life of growth, meaning, and joy.  

 Alligators, Contractors, and the Adolescent Brain

 (Parents, Educators, & Adolescents. Adapted for each audience.)

The physical brain undergoes a marvelous, messy remodel during adolescence. Based on scientific research, attendees will meet the primary contractors and inspector engaged in this project. Adolescents will be better equipped for self-awareness and self-leadership. Parents and teachers will be aided in distinguishing between behaviors driven by character, personality, and physiology. And the alligator part? That's a surprise! 

Mission: Impossible or I'm Possible


Tiny changes can cause titanic shifts. Not a rah-rah session for believing in God's existence, pursuing one's passion, or being tolerant of others. Rather, an exploration of the Biblical truths about mindset and how small -- though not always easy -- thought changes create seismically different outcomes.


What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us: Why Mission Audits are Essential to Successful Schools and How to Conduct Them

(School leaders & staff)

You know the state of your school's finances and enrollment statistics. But what about your mission?  Is it a bright north star or a dusty wall plaque? A two-part workshop on why and how to conduct a DIY comprehensive mission audit.


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