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Artful, Authoritative, Authentic

Bringing human dynamics and Biblical principles to life -- for life. 

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Signature Messages for Women

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Why, God? Trusting When Answers Don't Come

Sooner or later, everyone voices the universal human question, "Why, God?" Either in a whisper, afraid God might be listening. Or in a shriek, determined God will hear. Heaven, however, is silent.

Stephanie shares from personal experiences and three people in Scripture, including Jesus, who cried out, "Why, God?" Empower your people for a tenacious faith even when no answers come. 

Pairs beautifully with:

For Goodness Sake, Hold On!

Packed with fun Southern sayings, this message based on Galatians 6:9 inspires women to not allow weariness to distract or defeat them. Three "W's" will inspire and remind them their work is not in vain.

Fear Not! Defeat What's Devouring Your Impact

Women are often motivated by three covert fears: Being found out, left out, and thrown out.

Through the stories of five women in the Bible, ladies will see how to defeat these fears sabotaging their identity and impact. They will replace self-limiting lies with God’s liberating truths!


Pair for a dynamic ladies event: Knot Your Way to a Resolute Faith

Flail Not! Why God Wants You Confident
Faint Not! Staying Strong & Smart in Life's Storms

Signature Messages for Parents

Because I Read So! Principles From the World's Greatest Parenting Book

"Train up a child." "Yes, but how?" is the cry of many parents!


From Genesis to Revelation, God the Father models how to raise and relate to children. A story-driven message filled with humor, parents will leave inspired and empowered with Bible-based principles, not perfect-kid formulas! They will be able to point to Scripture and say, "Because I read so!" 

Pair with the following messages for a powerful parenting conference: Read, Train, Focus


​Hold Your Horses! Training Kids to Bridle Their Will

Look at Me! Three Lenses Wise Parents Use

Signature Message for Parents & Educators

Boy, Oh Boy! Raising Men of Depth and Character

A research-rich presentation, moms and dads will learn:

~ The true, troubling state of men and boys in society;

~ Insights into how boys think and feel; 

~ How to counter the culture's definition of "manhood" without resorting to simplistic stereotypes; 

~ Practices that align with Scripture and the science of human development

Signature Message for Students

Four Courageous Questions

Empower your students with four courageous questions for building lives of intentionality, self-awareness, personal responsibility, and eternal significance. Not flimsy or cutesy, these questions are a rugged set of tools that will serve them in making decisions about faith, career, relationships, and values.

Perfect for Chapels & Graduations

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