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Together, we'll explore nine key areas as we seek to live out the First Great Commandment.

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How would you work...teach...parent...lead...relate...if you knew you would impact 1,000 people? 100,000? 1 million?

Maybe you already have. Or are. Or will. 
You -- yes, you -- professional, teacher, stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, school administrator, student, (write your role here____), are a culture-shaper and generation-influencer. Culture is created one idea, one decision, one relationship, one life at a time, which steers generations. While you don't determine the scope of your influence, you do decide its nature. Good or bad. Positive or negative. Life has no neutral. 

Your legacy doesn't start when your lungs stop. 

This is why I craft words, delivered in print or in person: 

To honor my calling to empower & inspire you to achieve yours!


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Posts crafted and curated to inspire & empower you to achieve your immeasurable, eternal, and irreplaceable impact.  

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As a speaker and writer, I employ* words to empower and inspire other Christians, especially women, families, teens, and educators to achieve their calling. 

While each person's giftings are unique, our shared humanity allows us to learn from others -- through both successes & failures.

While our paths are different, our purpose as followers of Christ is the same: to know Him, to love Him, and to love like Him. 

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*Employ, as it's used here, is a synonym for wrestle, harness, search for, fight over, subdue, reject, dance with, resuscitate, dispatch, and, oh, you get the idea!

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Believing our presence on this planet echoes into forever, I seek to craft a life of earthly excellence and eternal significance and  help others do the same. The greatest accolade I can hope for will be "Well done, Stephanie. You've been good and faithful."

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