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learn, love & live truth? 

You're not alone!

I help * individuals * parents * teens * Christian schools

craft, model, and inspire lives of excellence & significance.

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Stephanie Smith

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Launching in July

Podcast: Bringing Light to Truth

You'll be empowered with

* Timeless truths

* Actionable insights

* Savvy human dynamics

* Real world solutions

* Vital encouragement

Tuesday episodes will outfit Christian school leaders & educators.

Thursday releases will equip individuals & parents.

Blog: The First Universal Calling

This year focuses on the First Great Commandment. How do we fulfill this primary universal calling?

You'll find:

* Sound theology

* Real life applications

* Challenges to popular, but not necessarily Biblical, teachings and ideas

* Fresh perspectives

* Engaging stories


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Speaking: Words Worth Your Time

When your audience is torn between leaving -- because they're so excited to put an insight into practice, and staying -- eager to learn more -- that's success!

I love in-person events! Making personal connections and seeing someone's eyes light up when they "get it."

I bring authenticity, substance, clarity, & craftsmanship.

Engagements include:

* Christian schools: staff, students, parents

* Churches: women's events; parents; teens

* Homeschool organizations: parents, teens


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“Stephanie speaks about life – the good, the true, and the beautiful – and the challenging, difficult parts. You will be encouraged to reach and embrace the life God has for you. All given with humor – and love.”

Lynn L.

“Can I just say today was awesome and you did a fabulous job! I had lunch with [student] and she could not stop talking about how wonderful your message and presentation were. Thought provoking and powerful. She was soooo impressed by how you had it memorized and it showed her that you were prepared.”

Kirsten C.