Life is forever. 


I aspire for one of excellence & significance & to


inspire you to achieve your immeasurable, eternal & irreplaceable impact &


empower the next generation to attain theirs.


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Stephanie Smith

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Learn Yourself

Self-awareness isn't self-centeredness. Both low self-esteem and poor self-knowledge harm relationships, erodes lasting happiness, and closes opportunities. However, learning yourself--a lifelong process--deepens intimacy, fosters peace and joy, and opens possibilities. 

Love God

You're designed to love. Who and what you treasure is a choice; yet all options don't provide the same outcomes. Believing in God is different from loving him. Cherishing him anchors you with a dynamic purpose, empowers you for goodness, upholds you with divine strength, and transforms beliefs into a vibrant relationship. 

Live Connected

No one thrives alone. You are a social creature with as great a need for human connection as for food, clothing, and shelter. Yet each of us come with challenges and complexities. You need insights and encouragement to be savvy with others--those you chose and those you inherit by birth or circumstances.

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Listen In

Information for event planners seeking presentations that not only inform, but transform.

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Read On

The First Great Commandment comes alive in this year's posts, blending human dynamics and theological truths.

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Gear Up

In the works! Practical tools to help you, parents, caregivers, teachers, and adolescents succeed with Life's Key 3.

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  Do you desire transformation and not just information?

Love changes a person like nothing else. In this year's blog I'm unpacking how to fulfill the first great calling -- "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." 

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“Stephanie speaks about life – the good, the true, and the beautiful – and the challenging, difficult parts. You will be encouraged to reach and embrace the life God has for you. All given with humor – and love.”

Lynn L.

“Can I just say today was awesome and you did a fabulous job! I had lunch with [student] and she could not stop talking about how wonderful your message and presentation were. Thought provoking and powerful. She was soooo impressed by how you had it memorized and it showed her that you were prepared.”

Kirsten C.