Need more information before getting started with

"Alligators, Contractors, and Adolescents?"

I get it. With only 1,024,819 courses on everything from "Using Commas Correctly" to "Become a Millionaire in Nine Months With Only a Washer & Dryer," it's understandable why you want to know if this course will make any real difference. 

Below are details, but first let me tell you why I made this course.

I wish I'd had this course when raising five sons. I know first-hand how hard the adolescent years can be for parents -- and the difference knowledge and encouragement make. This course is one part of my commitment to empower parents to make decisions informed by science, grounded in common sense, and aligned with Christian values. 

The Videos

~ Seven professionally recorded video sessions totaling nearly 1 1/2 hours 

~ Packed with information delivered in a conversational style,

~ Divided into friendly lengths considerate of your busy life,

~ Focused on specific topics you can absorb. Nobody benefits from content unleashed like "drinking out of a firehose!"


The Guidebook 

~ Downloadable & printable PDF,

~ 22 pages, separated by module, for easy navigation,

~ Highlights from the videos to save you notetaking time,

~ Application ideas & insights,

~ Additional resources not included in the videos so you can continue to be empowered.

The Benefits

~ Confidence! All confidence results from knowledge, and you're going to learn a lot!

~ Empathy! You'll have a greater capacity to understand your adolescent "from the inside out" and relate with understanding and kindess.

~ Grit! Not the kind you put on a plate, but the trait you need to stay a steady guide through adolescence's renovation of the brain.

Is there any reason someone wouldn't benefit from this course?

Possibly. If they have one of the following mindsets, they could be disappointed. (Or, if they were open to a change in thinking, wonderfully surprised!) But if their perspective is one of the following, they may want to check out that "Comma" or "Washer & Dryer" course instead. Just keeping it real. 

~ They don't want to understand principles behind decisions. They prefer to just be told what to do. (This isn't a one-size-fits-all list of "You should/should not's," but does help parents make decisions for their situation.) 

~ If they view adolescence as an excuse to party and figure everything will work out just fine because "It's the heart that counts."

~ If they believe "kids these days" just need to "shape up, get their act together, stop whining, or _______," they're probably not going to be a happy customer. (Granted, the "stop whining" idea sometimes has merit, but this course digs for deeper understanding.)

For less than the cost of a pizza dinner (or one counseling appointment), you may just find an insight that will make all the difference -- for you and your adolescent!

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